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18ct Italian Gold Enamel Vintage Bangle

18ct Italian Gold Enamel Vintage Bangle

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18ct yellow gold gazelle enamel Florence bangle. Handmade in Italy. Spring Hinge mechanism and super cool. A little wear on the bottom side of the bangle.

REF: G19805

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Lannah Dunn prides itself on a near half-century, globally recognised reputation of offering vintage & antique jewellery, in pristine condition; and a highly coveted and expertly designed & manufactured modern collection.  We are pleased you have now discovered the beauty, rarity and history within.   The reputation of the business is very strong and extends to the beginnings in 1985.

LD prides itself on a commitment to quality, advice and longevity with an instore state-of-the-art workshop, their jewellers are experienced, masters at their craft.