Stock Availability

Lannah Dunn Fine Jewellery offers a beautiful, vast selection of one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewellery pieces.  All items on this website are available for purchase at time of upload.  Due to the presence of the online store and two physical stores and all three operating simultaneously; we make every effort to keep the site and its contents accurate, however on the very rare occasion, selected items may become unavailable without notice. 

All customers placing orders are deemed to have acknowledged when placing an order for an item forming the modern collection, the ordered product may not be in stock at that particular time and Lannah Dunn may manufacture or arrange for the manufacture of the product to fulfil the order. Unless the customer notifies Lannah Dunn of a specified date by which their product must be delivered, the customer will be deemed to accept liability for payment of the product which is to be manufactured.  If you require your jewellery item by a specified date you can e-mail or phone us before placing your order to check the availability of the stock item in your finger size and/or the manufacture time. Please e-mail us with the style number, finger size and date by which you require your item. The manufacture time for the modern collection can vary based on a number of factors.

All orders are subject to availability.  We will do our very best to supply you with your ordered item/s.  Please note, on occasion items may not be available.  In this instance, we will be in touch and offer you a replacement, provide you with a timeframe as to the availability of the item, or provide you with a refund for the unavailable item it was a one-off and unable to be resupplied. 


The average time frame for the engraving process to Personalise your LD Signature Monogram ring is generally up to two weeks.  It is best to leave as much time as possible to ensure delivery if for a special occasion. 

Ring sizing

Lannah Dunn uses finger sizing in accordance with Australian/ UK standard sizing. Most of our rings are an average finger size for the purpose for which the ring was made.

  • Most diamond and gem-set rings are designed for the ring finger and are generally between M and O;

  • Ladies’ monograms are in a size J, the average ladies’ pinky finger size.  We can resize or specially make our rings to fit your finger should you wish to purchase an alternate size.  Sometimes this incurs an additional cost that will be added to your purchase total.  All costs will be shown in your purchase total.

The only finger measurement LD can confidently recommend is the one measured by one of our specialist sizers, in store.  If you are unable to visit an LD boutique, there are a couple of options to determine an accurate measurement: a visit to your local jeweller; using an at-home measuring kit; using existing ring sizes (if you know them) or measuring the diameter of your ring; and measuring the circumference of your finger.  To convert European or American sizing to Australian, please refer to the International Ring Size Chart.

Important factors to consider when obtaining an accurate finger size:

  • your ring should be comfortable to wear.  It should be firm enough that it will not easily slide off or around the finger, but loose enough that it glides over the knuckle.
  • Finger sizes can differ:
  1. between seasons (smaller in winter/ larger in summer),
  2. before, during and after exercise and
  3. between the hands (usually the dominant hand is slightly larger).  
  • When measuring your finger, for best results measure at the end of the day and when your fingers are warm as finger size changes depending on the time of day.
  • Ensure you measure the size of the finger on the hand you wish to wear your ring.
  • If you are creating a ring stack, each ring needs to be slightly larger than if it were worn on its own.

If your order is the incorrect finger size, you can contact us to discuss the option of resize, alternatively if you are unable to visit one of our stores for a Lannah Dunn ring size consultation, we suggest visiting your local, trusted jeweller.

Please note that the ring prices displayed on this web site are calculated based on average ring sizes.

For sizes that fall outside the average, there may be an additional fee to cover the extra workmanship &/or metals required to make the size required.  If a sizing fee applies, that additional fee will be added to your order value during the checkout process.

Bracelets & Necklaces

Estimated lengths are provided in metric (mm, cm) measurements.  Contact us if you require a specific length that is not available and we can arrange a ‘special make’ quotation to make for you.


We have our fellow females’ best interests at heart and it is our firm belief to only stock what we deem ‘light-weight’ earrings.  Earring wires are mostly a standard thickness.  Some antique earring hooks have little ball final at the end of the wires which we can remove if requested.  Reverse-clip antique earrings thread through the back of the ear and secure at the front (if this is the case it will be specified in product description as reverse-clip).  We have had 'reverse-clip' antique earrings as part of our antique collection for many years and while all custodians of this earring type are comfortable with the mechanism, it can take a minute to master. 

All earrings should be threaded by easing into the piercing, and not moving or bending the earring wire.  For small piercings, earring wires may need to be fined down by your local jeweller or try increasing the hole size by using the original earrings used to pierce it.  Threading butterfly clips onto the back of hooks can help keep your earrings in place and sometimes a large silicon earring back can help the earring sit better on the ear. 

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