Essential Jewellery Care Guide

 Basic Jewellery Care

Thank you for choosing to care for your jewellery and for visiting the Lannah Dunn guide to best preserve and enjoy your new treasures.  Much of the fine jewellery available at Lannah Dunn Fine Jewellery was first made over 100 years ago and preserving these artefacts well into the future for our next generations to observe and enjoy, should be your goal.  For the moderne collection, the pieces have been made to stringent quality controls and are all tested prior to being made available for your purchase.  Once your Lannah Dunn Fine Jewellery piece is in your care, it is your duty and responsibility to preserve it/ them as best you can.

The Lannah Dunn Jewellery Care Guide includes essential jewellery care basics, featuring expert tips on wearing, cleaning and storing your treasures wisely.

I deserve to be protected & cared for to keep me in the best condition.

Jewellery is ornamental and should be last on, first off.  Jewellery should be protected against damage, dirt and unnecessary wear and tear.  

Jewellery ought be removed before washing your hands, showering, swimming, exercising, gardening, cleaning and partaking in any other manual activities.

To reiterate, fine jewellery is not designed to shower or sleep in.

Jewellery should not come into contact with soaps, moisturisers, chemicals, chlorine and other metals.  The use of such substances and chemicals can irreversibly alter and affect the surface and nature of some stones and precious metals.

Jewellery should be placed, individually, in its original box or packaging when not being worn or when travelling, and any fine chains are best to be secured (to avoid tangling and knotting).

Fine jewellery should be inspected and cleaned at home on a regular basis, we do ours weekly.  We have professional jewellery cleaning solution available for purchase in store and recommend monthly use, at a minimum.  Your jewellery deserves to look the way it did the day it was purchase or gifted to you!  

It is recommended you have your precious jewellery cleaned, polished and checked, annually in the LD in store workshop.  We understand accidents do happen and as soon as something is of concern, please contact us to book into the LD expert workshop to ensure its maintenance and sometimes restoration to original beauty.

Keep It Clean

Chemicals, water and dirt build-up can leave jewellery looking worse for wear and impact its longevity.  If any substance does accidentally come into contact with your piece/s, a simple wipe or polish before putting pieces away can go a long way in preserving their condition.   Sometimes a deeper clean may be what’s required however to restore their original sparkle.  Moisture can negatively impact many stones and need be considered before immersing in solution or when storing.

"Like other precious items, fine jewellery requires personal and professional maintenance to ensure longevity. Lifestyle products such as moisturisers and perfumes as well as environmental matter (dirt, dust, oils) and day-to-day wear can diminish the inherent radiance of precious metals and gemstones and the integrity of settings."

"For pearl & semi-precious necklaces and bracelets, restringing is necessary not just to revamp the look of your strands, but to preserve the quality and beauty of your stones/ pearls for years to come.  Once a year is recommended for regular wear and every two - three years for occasional wear."

Store Correctly & Carefully

The way you choose to store your jewellery can have a remarkable impact on its condition over time. Follow these simple steps to ensure your pieces stay looking their best, even when they're out of sight and stored away:

Keep jewellery in its original box, a soft pouch or other fabric-lined container for protection;

Store pieces separately to avoid tangling, rubbing and scratching;

Avoid storing jewellery in places with high humidity or direct sunlight; and

Ensure gemstones are kept away from hard surfaces to prevent chipping or shattering.

Professional Maintenance

The Lannah Dunn Workshop offers specialist restoration and servicing of LD Devotee’s antique, vintage and moderne pieces, as well as custom makes.  In providing the utmost care for your LD investments, we recommend booking your pieces in for maintenance every 12 months (at a minimum).  Any white gold rings are recommended to be rhodium plated every 6-12 months depending on how hard wearing you might be, and also depending on how beautifully you wish your precious rings to be presented - of course we believe they deserve to sparkle and look their best always. 

The LD Master Craftsman says:

"The wear, tear and stress placed on fine jewellery necessitate a periodic check of its condition. For example, the claws of a setting that secure a precious gemstone can loosen or break off; or the shank of a ring can wear too thin after many years of enjoyment.  These aren’t manufacturing faults but rather the expected result from wear and tear (akin to replacing worn tyres on a car - only more glamorous!)  These subtle signs might only be detected under the careful inspection from a qualified jewellery repair specialist, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.  A settings check with our specialist workshop can help limit potential further damage."


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