Quality & Warranty

Lannah Dunn maintains stringent quality standards of precious materials and expert craftsmanship to create beautiful fine jewellery while the antique and vintage range is expertly assessed and must meet our prerequisites for beauty and workmanship.

Lannah Dunn will, at its discretion, repair or replace fine jewellery which, in its opinion, has manufacturing defects within 12 months from the date of purchase. Any such warranty is voided if a jewellery piece is altered by another jeweller as we cannot control, endorse or be responsible for the quality of other tradespeople.

Please note that we sell many antique and vintage pieces, as well as coloured stones and organic gems that are by nature very fragile and may be fit for purpose as dress jewellery only, and not suited for everyday wear. 

Accidental breakage, lost gems or stones, water and perfume damage, changes in appearance (not limited by those created by allergic reactions), pieces needing restringing, damage from wear and tear or the gradual degradation of goods due to normal wear, mishap, careless handling or improper use do not constitute a manufacturing defect. Lannah Dunn is not liable for repairing or replacing jewellery which, in its opinion, is damaged under these conditions.  Please refer to our Care Guide.

Subject to the Warranty Terms and considered on a case by case basis, Lannah Dunn will at its discretion as deemed appropriate for the item, replace or repair at no charge. If the matter is outside the warranty terms, charges may be applicable to repair or replace the item and a quotation is available in these circumstances if you so request. Your statutory rights are unaffected by these warranty terms.

Metal Stamps

It is common practice in the jewellery industry around the world to include a metal stamp or engraving on jewellery products to indicate the metal or metals that the jewellery item is made from. The metal stamp or engraving may be applied to any part of the jewellery item, and may be expressed as a number, symbol, letters or word. Common examples include:

  • 18ct gold pieces – 750; 18ct; 18kt; 18; 18K;
  • 9ct gold pieces – 375; 9ct; 9kt; 9; 9K;
  • Sterling silver pieces – 925; SIL; SILVER.
  • Platinum – PT; 950; 960; PLAT

All modern jewellery items from the Lannah Dunn Fine Jewellery collections will include a metal stamp or engraving to indicate the metals used in the jewellery item.  This metal indication provides you with the peace of mind, confidence and reassurance as to the authenticity of the metals used in your jewellery product.

Some pieces from Lannah Dunn may also include a stamp/ engraving depicting a hallmark, brand, country of origin or logo.

Furthermore, pieces may include a model number or identification code stamped or engraved on the product.

Vintage and antique pieces will sometimes have metal stamps which makes identifying and ageing an item easier.  If a vintage or antique piece is not stamped, Lannah Dunn has the metal tested to assess the metal type accurately.

Please note, some modern jewellers are not familiar with antique jewellery stamping (especially French marks) and may misconstrue these marks as scratches or nicks in the metal and inadvertently buff off.

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