Life and Light with Citrines

Life and Light with Citrines

Citrines are the beautiful, rich, golden gemstones you will find in all forms of jewellery as it is relatively hard and not easily scratched or chipped. The name is derived from the French word 'Citron' meaning lemon and ironically not only resembles the colour but is also believed to be of value in healing the spiritual self, as well as a powerful cleanser and regenerator!

Citrine cocktail ring

If this doesn't tempt you enough, Citrines also carry the virtues of self-healing, inspiration and self-improvement. What better gemstone to surround ourselves in during this strange, uncertain and unique time of COVID-19?

Citrines have long been on the LD devotee request list for the international buying sojourns of the LD girls. This latest trip, seeking jewels from England and France which fortuitously drew to a close early March, was no exception. The Toowoomba trove is bursting with light and life and a sumptuous, golden haven for lovers of this rare gem hopefully soon to be delighting the social media pages. While the screen does an adequate job of delivering us into temptation, a real-life sighting of these treasures is the tiny tip over the edge we all need, or don't need!

They remind us of the bright, warm sun and the vitality of life. Their vibrant yellow color and shining clarity often represent a healthy mind and body as well as happiness and success. Rest assured, the gemstones at Lannah Dunn Fine Jewellery, they are bright, they are shining, they are natural, unheated and untreated and every bit as special as the person and love story they secretly hold. All the vintage pieces in store and online not only carry these precious gemstones but perfectly captured hues of gold to reflect each stone, each with their own unique setting to cradle the gem.

These pieces are hot off the press and perfectly suited to any Devotee's collection but particularly amazing with coral, amethyst, turquoise and the rich antique gemstones found in much of the LD antique trove.

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