The Mystifying Aquamarine

The Mystifying Aquamarine

As we continue through March, we are increasingly enticed by the dazzling and calming allure of this month’s birthstone, the aquamarine. It is easy to see why this is a stone many Lannah Dunn Devotees gravitate toward with its watery colouring and mystifying beauty, the name 'Aquamarine' originates from the Latin term for sea water.  It is believed to reinforce serenity, clarity and harmony.  


Aquamarine is a variant of the beryl mineral family, distinctively typified for its stunning ocean blue hue. Aquamarine can vary widely in colour spanning from greenish varieties, more prevalently valued in the 19th century, to striking blue tones which are highly esteemed in present times.


Informing ancient mythical and allegorical lore, the aquamarine’s origin is attributed to the Olympic God of the Sea, Poseidon. Ancient Greek antiquity chronicles the fearsome marine deity fashioning the aquatic treasure from water of the ocean. Advancing to the Middle Ages, olden literature portrays the aquamarine as a widely accepted and effective divining tool. Understood as an oracle crystal, when formed as an orb, the aquamarine was trusted to implement the telling of fortunes.


Today, the aquamarine is cherished as a highly symbolic and sentimental stone. Aquamarine is widely acknowledged as the stone of lovers, being recognised as a symbol of prosperity in marriage in various races and religions. In Buddhism, it is tradition for a husband to gift his wife with an aquamarine the day after their wedding, to inspire a happy marriage. From a western perspective, following their royal wedding, Prince Harry presented the new Duchess of Sussex with a spectacularly sentimental aquamarine ring that he had inherited from his late mother, Princess Diana. As well as signifying abounding love and affection, aquamarine is heralded as a stone of emotional fortitude. The gem is emblematic of courage and trust, being thought to help with the overcoming of anxieties and letting go.


With all these traits it is no wonder it is a favourite stone for the design team at Lannah Dunn Fine Jewellery and the Moderne Collection.  We have an exquisite array of gorgeous aquamarine pieces in the Moderne Collection and from time to time exquisite vintage and antique pieces that may be released from the trove.


Expertly handcrafted in our workshop, our trove of aquamarine jewels is designed to twinkle beauty and mystique into the lives of sophisticated, contemporary women. Our specialists source beautifully matching and tonal aquamarines to ensure the upmost quality in clarity and colour matching for our Moderne Collection. Pairing perfectly with the white glow of diamonds, the aquamarines of our striking Emerald Cut Aquamarine Triple Cluster Ring are set with a glittering halo of brilliant cut diamonds to best enhance the beauty of these coloured gems. Meticulously fashioned in precious metals of white and yellow gold selections, this spectacular piece is inspired by the distinguishing geometry of original Art Deco pieces, but redesigned for the modern woman of today. The exquisite assortment of aquamarine jewels from Lannah Dunn Fine Jewellery’s Moderne Collection is available via our online boutique, when available, awaiting to inspire its mystical virtues.

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