Bridgerton's Georgian Gems: Turquoise

Bridgerton's Georgian Gems: Turquoise

Amid the current fascination of Regency era enchantment, Lannah’s latest antique collection shines. Featuring authentic and rare pieces originating from the age of Bridgerton itself, Lannah’s collection allows us to capture the decadent charm of the Georgian era, contemporarily. Following our previous blog post detailing the striking beauty of our citrine rivière necklace, we continue to uncover the historical significance of our medley of dazzling treasures. Below, we have compiled some more of our favourites among our Georgian gems, along with their befitting Bridgerton counterparts. Lady Whistledown herself would wholeheartedly approve. 

 The striking blue of the turquoise stone shone among the prominence of coloured gems in the Georgian era. Widely admired for its distinctive colouring and covetable exclusivity, turquoise was an inimitable stone used in a variety of period pieces. With cerulean tones serving as the quintessence of Kate’s character in Bridgerton, there is no better gem to epitomise her bold and confident persona. Kate can be seen in the series donning a stunning parure, with bright turquoise stones shining from her neck and ears.


Likewise, Lannah’s latest collection comprises an exquisite selection of remarkably rare Georgian turquoise pieces. Set against buttery, high carat gold, these pieces are a feast for the keen eyes of all jewellery afficionados. In particular, our extraordinary 18 carat yellow gold bracelet, though now sold, is a covetable Georgian delight. Featuring an intricate, ornate design set with a double row of exquisite, natural turquoise stones, this piece is a rare Regency treasure.

In Bridgerton, Anthony and Kate’s adoring love for one another can be perfectly epitomised by the soft and romantic sentiment of a delicate bloom. A prominent motif denoting the wistful romanticism of Regency times, enchanting forget-me-not daisy rings are a fine example of the Georgians’ love of floral adornment. A popular design of the time, forget-me-not rings were often crafted with intricately carved shoulders and set with delicate seed pearls and glistening old and rose cut diamonds and coloured gems. A divine forget-me-not ring is gifted to Kate by Anthony to mark their engagement.


As we keenly spied Kate’s engagement ring, we were promptly reminded of a particularly special turquoise piece from Lannah’s collection. Our antique natural turquoise and pearl momento ring is the epitome of Georgian elegance. Featuring decorative shoulders and an intricately engraved band, this piece is gilded with vivid turquoise petals encircling a single lustrous pearl. This momento ring is a jewel exhibiting the remarkable beauty of turquoise while faithfully embodying the affection and profound love of Georgian sentimentality.

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