The New Home on the Darling Downs - Opening Soon

The New Home on the Darling Downs - Opening Soon

Attention all history enthusiasts and city explorers!  Prepare to be swept away by the awe-inspiring beauty and profound significance of the new home of Lannah Dunn—a brilliantly renovated, original and historic building that holds secrets and stories of the beautiful Garden City.

Lannah Dunn is thrilled to finally be able to announce the relocation.  After more than 12 months in the making, the details of the move had to be kept confidential to ensure the safest relocation of all the treasures that were once held at the Margaret Street premises.  For almost four decades, the LD Devotees' Club would frequent the doorstep of the also historic home of LD at 175 Margaret Street - to be worthy of a move, the Directors searched for the perfect location, position and structure.  After many years of searching, the search came to a grinding halt when the opportunity to secure a rare and historic building on Russell Street presented itself.  The first glimpse through the doors of this historic space allowed each member of the LD family to instantly feel transported back in time, to the inception of its build in the 1920s, much the same as each and every piece of jewellery from the collection.  Although the building was at this time accounting firm offices, and originally a Bank, the vision for the future of LD was very clear, albeit with a lot of structural and decorative work ahead!

A testament to the enduring spirit of the Toowoomba and Darling Downs' community, imagine stepping through its majestic doors, feeling the weight of history on your shoulders, and being transported to a time when this building was first lovingly built, standing as a beacon of hope, progress, and dreams.  Lannah Dunn is very proud to have lovingly left no stone unturned in the restoration and renovation to the former original glory of this masterpiece in the Toowoomba CBD.

As every intricate corner of every square centimetre has been meticulously restored and beautified in the process, the goal has not merely been revival of a structure but breathing life into the very soul of the beautiful Toowoomba City.  With each stroke of paint, each piece of reclaimed wood, and each carefully chosen artifact, Lannah Dunn pays homage to the generations that have come before us, honoring their struggles, triumphs, and legacies.

The Lannah Dunn 'family' extend their deepest gratitude for your unwavering support throughout this journey.  As they embark on this new chapter, you will soon be invited to join LD in shaping the future while honoring the past. Together, let's create memories that will be etched into the annals of history, forever woven into the fabric of our city's narrative.

Prepare to be moved, uplifted, and forever changed as you step into this living monument of our shared heritage. We eagerly anticipate the honor of welcoming you into our lovingly restored home, where the past and the present converge, and dreams are given wings.

Thank you for being a part of our story. Let's embark on this emotional journey together, united by our love for this remarkable historic building and the city it represents.

Accepting bookings soon.

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