Mystical Moonstone and the Winter Solstice

Mystical Moonstone and the Winter Solstice

Moonstone is a gem sheathed within the mystery of a lustrous veil, echoing the esoteric energy of the cosmos. With winter solstice falling Tuesday 21st June for 2022 we are dreaming of all things heart-warming and soothing, moonstone, an alternative for June’s array of sparkling birthstone options, is esteemed as a highly spiritual and mystic stone. 

Named not only for its blue to white adularescence reminiscent of moonlight, moonstone throughout history has also been known to hold the magic of the moon. Moonstone has been utilised in various ancient cultures as a sacred talisman for love, protection and prophecy for over two thousand years. In truth, the Romans believed moonstone to be formed from solidified moonbeams.

In modern history, the hypnotic opalescent sheen of moonstone was renowned for perfectly embodying the romantic and sensual sentiment of the Art Nouveau period in the late 1800s. It was during this time that French goldsmiths began to fashion charmingly decorative jewellery pieces from moonstone. These distinctive pieces proved truly indicative of the wistful optimism and bohemia of this age.

Now over 20 years young, Baz Luhrmann’s visual spectacular, Moulin Rouge, expounds the significance of truth, beauty, freedom and love at the height of Paris’ bohemian enlightenment in 1899. In the film, Satine, played by Nicole Kidman, is a vision adorned with a dreamy pair of beautiful moonstone earrings. These earrings, no doubt, represent the truth, beauty, freedom and love that moonstone itself has been valued to evoke for centuries.

At Lannah Dunn, we hold our own historical memento of France’s bohemian revolution. Our magnificent sterling silver moonstone necklace is the outcome of authentic Art Nouveau innovation and splendour. This piece, originating at the turn of the century, embraces ornately feminine and organic motifs definitive of this particular period in art history. Such a rare and beautiful piece holding a rich cultural history can only be characterised by all the moon’s splendid beauty and mythical virtues.

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