Through the Generations

Through the Generations

This Mother’s Day, Lannah Dunn debuts Through the Generations – a storybook of togetherness, told by our L.D. Devotees.
Igniting sentiments of togetherness and heirloom, our L.D. Devotees share an intimate glance into their world and the legacy of Lannah Dunn jewellery pieces.
This is Lannah Dunn Through the Generations.
Happy Mother’s Day.
LD girls


Rhonda & Grace’s Story

Styled in some of our timeless, iconic Lannah Dunn jewels, this glowing mother and daughter share an intimate glimpse into their special relationship, revealing how they inspire, motivate, and empower one another. 

Libby’s Story

Wearing striking and captivating Lannah Dunn pieces, LD Devotee Libby celebrates her inimitable relationships as the matriarch of her family. Representing an ode to beauty, sophistication, and strength.


Chris’ Story

Holding a unique bond with Lannah Dunn, Chris shares her story with charisma and joy. Revealing a moment of historical significance, Chris speaks of moments never forgotten, styled in her iconic LD jewels.

Eala & Bridie’s Story

Sharing their incredibly close connection, Eala and Bridie celebrate the significant legacy carried on from generation to generation, beginning with their mother - Lannah Dunn.

Their exceptionally rare bond embodies an ageless story through the generations.


Mother’s Day Gift Guide

LD Toujours Monogram collection representing family heirlooms in the making - perfectly paired with the LD diamond huggie. 

LD Aquamarine and Diamond rings espouse soft blue hues against dazzling fine white diamonds - the perfect way to celebrate maternal love this Mother’s Day.

Bringing strength and luck, LD Horseshoe necklaces comprise the finest white diamonds and offer enduring design to signify moments never to be forgotten.

LD Pearl ring - celebrating the sophistication and inner strength of the moderne woman.
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