Care Guide

General jewellery care advice:

  • Should be the last item on and the first item off when dressing.
  • Do not wear during contact sport, at the gym, swimming or showering, gardening, and other manual activities.
  • Do not expose to perfume, make up or other cosmetic products or liquids.
  • Gently wipe over with a chamois after wear and store neatly in pouch or box.
  • The fibres of materials and towels easily catch claws and can cause stone loss. (One of our most common repairs is replacing a stone lost after a shower because the towel has caught and opened up a claw).  Girls, don’t wear your jewels in the bath or shower!  Or drying yourself!

Like other precious items, fine jewellery requires maintenance to ensure longevity. Lifestyle products (moisturisers, perfumes), environmental matter (dirt, dust, oils) and day-to-day wear can diminish the inherent radiance of precious metals and gemstones and the integrity of settings.

The wear, tear and stress placed on fine jewellery necessitate a periodic check of its condition. For example, the claws of a setting that secure a precious gemstone can loosen or break off; or the shank of a ring can wear too thin after many years of enjoyment. These aren’t manufacturing faults but rather the expected result from wear and tear (akin to replacing worn tyres on a car - only more glamorous!) These subtle signs might only be detected under the careful inspection from a qualified jewellery repair specialist, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.  A settings check can help limit potential further damage.

Additionally, white gold jewellery requires rhodium plating at least every 12-18 months to retain a bright white look.  Lannah Dunn offers a full rhodium plating service with price available upon request.
For pearl & semi-precious necklaces and bracelets, restringing is necessary not just to revamp the look of your strands, but to preserve the quality and beauty of your stones/ pearls for years to come.  Once a year is recommended for regular wear, 2-3 years for occasional wear.