The Diamond Horseshoe Necklace

The Lannah Dunn Fine Jewellery Mini & Maxi diamond horseshoe necklaces are the ultimate symbol of good luck and protection. Believed to ward off evil (when hanging U shape up), the horseshoe is a classic, lucky charm.  Horseshoes often feature above front doors of character homes for this exact same reason (my own Queenslander-home came with one hanging on the original Outhouse)!  Also an age-old traditional Bridal good-luck charm, the Lannah Dunn Fine Jewellery design team celebrate everything lucky with two sizes available.  The mini horseshoe a fine, delicate collar-bone tickler looks perfect on its own for an everyday chic look and layered with other mini diamond pieces (our faves the diamond solitaire pendant and fine Italian gold chains).

Lannah Dunn Fine Jewellery Maxi diamond horseshoe necklace in 18ct white gold

The Maxi diamond horseshoe boasts over half a carat of rare-white, round, brilliant-cut diamonds fixed to a delicate 18ct Italian white gold chain.  The length options allow for a short, cropped look or an elongated, sexy, longer option.  Fabulous on its own or combined with other larger diamond neck chains we particularly like it with the 10th Anniversary, Lannah Dunn Fine Jewellery collection (when we celebrated 10 years in the Tattersall's Arcade salon). This collection features 1.5ct of round brilliant cut diamonds spaced evenly around the neck in fine Italian, high-carat yellow or white gold (see images or online).

Diamond horseshoe necklace stack


The tradition of a wedding gift is much more than just something for the day... it is a memento for your lives together that extends beyond the wonderful and fond memories from the day... it is something that can be enjoyed and worn everyday of your married lives together... even something to be adorned for future generation's weddings.  We have many customers who've selected beautiful keepsake pieces to mark a special occasion that is then 'loaned' to daughters when they become a Bride and indeed the first introduction of an in-law to the family! What better than a protective necklace to have close to one's heart... Our original Mini horseshoe we designed for today's Bride but it has found its way to many LD Devotee's homes for many other reasons too - or for no reason at all [insert smirk emoji].

The beauty of the Lannah Dunn collection is the versatility and modernism of mixing old with new.  The diamond horseshoe is a centuries-old, meaningful tradition and there are many vintage and antique pieces featuring the symbol.  The latest LD Trove Collection features a handful of rare and exquisite horseshoe lockets, bangles and even earrings (pictured: sold).

SOLD rare antique diamond and pearl horseshoe earrings and intaglio fob albert chain

(These earrings dating back to the 1800s lasted no time at all in the Lannah Dunn Fine Jewellery Antique Trove and now adorn the gorgeous young ears of one 18yo Devotee)

If you connect through Facebook, click the link below to watch the diamond horseshoe necklace stack in action. The LD Devotee in the video has worn her Lannah Dunn Fine Jewellery Mini diamond horseshoe for a number of years and since posting this, received the Maxi for her wedding anniversary! Despite loving the horseshoe stack, she now plans to enjoy the Maxi horseshoe on its own for a while...





Penned by Eala, Bachelors Business & Commerce.  Advanced Diamond Grader.  Jewellery Designer & Stylist.