The Albertina

Let me tell you a little story about one of our most sought after and favourite antique treasures, the Albertina.

SOLD Antique gold multi-strand albertina

Made popular by their namesake, Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert, the Albertinas adorned women’s waistcoats in the late 19th century, designed as functional, feminine, watch chains.


Crafted finer than their male counterparts, the Albert chains, the Albertinas featured ornate and decorative embellishments. It is these charms … the original watch-keys, tassels and sliders that make these rare and unique treasures irresistible to us, at Lannah Dunn Fine Jewellery, and our LD Devotees.


No two albertinas are the same. In all her years of international sojourns, seeking the rarest and most beautiful antique jewels, in pristine and original condition, Lannah Dunn has built a reputation for offering exquisite Albertinas, among other amazing antiques pieces. One would think they are in abundance but it is Lannah’s knowledge and undeniably well trained eye that allows us mere followers the opportunity to see these treasures up close and if we are lucky enough, add to our personal collections an incredible Albertina with a rich, 120 years of history (minimum)!

These pieces of yesteryear offer the creative Devotee a chance to put her personal style into how she wishes to adorn herself. We alter neither their length nor design so you may wear these jewels as you please, be it a bracelet or exquisite neck adornment, they can be stylishly layered with both modern fine jewellery and other one of a kind antique jewels.


One very special LD Devotee has not one but two of her own gorgeous Albertinas from our Trove! Choosing to clasp them together with an antique gold chain and layered with an assortment of her modern and other antique pieces. Together her jewels create a perfect example of how the Albertinas are as stunning and wearable today as when they were made, over a century ago.


As Lannah returns from her most recent travels to France and the United Kingdom, we welcome her home along with the latest Vintage and Antique additions to our Trove. Many LD Devotees have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of our latest Albertinas and several have already found their forever homes.


Available for viewing in store and online, please contact our LD team with any enquiries and head to the @lannahdunnfinejewellery Instagram to see how we wear and style our magnificent Albertinas.



 Sterling silver antique english albertina      Antique English gold albertina 


Collection antique silver and high-carat gold albertinas and Alberts    Neckmess Antique high-carat multi-colour gold Albertina bracelet English origin  SOLD Antique high-carat multi-colour gold Albertina bracelet English origin




Penned by Eilis, Bachelors of Journalism & Law (QUT) and Eala, Bachelors of Business & Commerce (UQ).